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013 JUL 31,1999 WIRED Roadside Dentistry
020 DEC 04,1999 L.A. TIMES Dental Panel Urges Warnings on Mercury
025 JAN 07,2000 E-DENTAL Dentistry & The Media
026 FEB 21,2000 E-DENTAL That Noisy Handpiece Gets the Blame
027 MAR 20,2000 E-DENTAL Dentists Get Drilled in the Movies
033 MAY 25,2000 USA TODAY Surgeon general cites oral disease ‘epidemic’
040 JUL 01,2000 IVANHOE Holistic Dentistry
054 NOV 29,2000 YAHOO Teeth Do Tell Tales
061 MAR 03,2001 INNX HEALTH Dentists can be the first to spot domestic abuse
062 MAR 05,2001 ARIZONA REP Holistic dentistry draws controversy
092 NOV 15,2001 E-DENTAL Pets’ Teeth Suffer From Neglect
094 NOV 20,2001 INTELIHEALTH Domestic Violence Leads To Facial Injuries
112 APR 16,2002 E-DENTAL Early A.M. Dental Appointments May Reduce Stress
135 DEC 18,2002 SIMPLESTEPS Wear Sunglasses? You May Have Sensitive Teeth
150 JUN 14,2003 DENTALREACH Tooth prints: a unique ID tool
159 JUL 14,2003 IVANHOE Save a Knocked-Out Tooth
162 JUL 29,2003 RAPID CJ Dentist brings his work on overseas ‘vacation’
164 AUG 05,2003 NYT HEALTH Dentistry, Far Beyond Drilling and Filling’
176 FEB 26,2004 YAHOO Britons Wait in Line for New Dentists
179 MAR 15,2004 E-DENTAL New Dental Care Book for Reading Challenged Populations
188 JAN 13,2005 E-DENTAL Teen Years Tough On Teeth Hormones, Other Factors To Blame
189 JAN 17,2005 BBC NEWS Toothache man finds nail in skull
194 MAR 28,2005 HEALTH NEWS D National Root Canal Appreciation Day Is Coming!
237 AUG 15,2006 HERALD BULLETIN Dentist strengthens cat’s teeth with gold crowns
248 MAR 03,2007 MSNBC Boy’s death fuels drive for dental aid to poor
277 Oct 15,2007 SKY NEWS Dental Patients Pull Out Own Teeth
279 NOV 12,2007 SYDNEY MH Dentist’s dedication takes bite out of poverty


227 MAY 13,2006 SEARCH WARP Cosmetic Dentistry Costs – The Best Treatment at the Lowest Cost
230 JUN 01,2006 SYDNEY MORNING H Surgery with a view
236 AUG 02,2006 EXPRESS HEALTH The ‘T’ Factor In Indian Dentistry
246 JAN 29,2007 CONSUMER HEALTH Medical Vacations” – A Good Idea?
257 JUN 21,2007 ECONOMIC TIMES India leaves foreign tourists all smiles
259 JUL 14,2007 MEDICAL NEWS Medical Tourism in Developing Countries
292 FEB 23,2008 EHEALTH India’s potential in healthcare tourism high: Study


005 FEB 01,1999 IVANHOE Baby bottle tooth decay
029 APR 07,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL Cranky baby? Teething not always to blame
049 OCT 04,2000 E-DENTAL Premature babies get teeth later, but catch up
060 FEB 08,2001 E-DENTAL Children miss almost three weeks of school annually from dental problems
093 NOV 20,2001 INTELIHEALTH Dental Sealants Reduce Tooth Decay In Children
095 DEC 18,2001 INTELIHEALTH Thumbsucking After Age 2 Can Harm Teeth
108 MAR 25,2002 INTELIHEALTH Tooth Decay In Baby Teeth Affects Permanent Teeth
115 JUN 03,2002 DENTALREACH Turning kids into their own personal dentists
126 OCT 11,2002 SIMPLESTEPS Child Health Professionals Still Believe In “Teething”
127 OCT 11,2002 YAHOO Teething Mistakenly Blamed for Other Ills
130 OCT 24,2002 YAHOO Parasites May Be Cause of Child’s Bad Breath
158 JUL 13,2003 ENN Children Need Dentists – NOT Fluoridation
181 JUL 21,2004 SIMPLESTEPS Bottled Water Can Be Bad News For Kids’ Teeth
221 MAR 23,2006 SIMPLESTEPS Kids With Cavities Overweight, Not Underweight
245 JAN 18,2007 REUTERS Pacifiers have a positive side too
266 AUG 15,2007 SIMPLESTEPS Boys Have More Dental Injuries
272 SEP 24,2007 USA TODAY Gummy vitamins, rotten teeth?


014 SEP 08,1999 YAHOO Recyclable toothbrush launched
032 MAY 23,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL New toothpaste cures gum disease
038 JUN 20,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL Electric Vs. Manual: Toothbrushes
070 JUN 08,2001 HEALTHCENTRAL Adults should monitor kids’ tooth-brushing
080 JUL 26,2001 BBC NEWS Video toothbrush hunts ‘debris’
098 JAN 03,2002 INTELIHEALTH Some Toothpastes Work Better Than Others
100 JAN 10,2002 ARIZONA REP Bristlemania It’s here!
104 FEB 12,2002 INTELIHEALTH Old Toothbrushes Not Up To Job
106 MAR 08,2002 ABC NEWS Brushing, Flossing Stave Off Diabetes
111 APR 12,2002 YAHOO Cleaning Teeth Prevents Pneumonia in Nursing Homes
123 SEP 30,2002 E-DENTAL Brushing teeth helps heart health
138 MAR 04,2003 SIMPLESTEPS To Keep Your Teeth, Brush And See The Dentist
160 JUL 21,2003 MSN HEALTH Kiss Bad Breath Good-Bye
167 NOV 04,2003 ARAB NEWS Dentists Reveal Medicinal Properties of Miswak
185 DEC 14,2004 E-DENTAL Illuminated Toothbrush To Aid Children In Brushing Techniques
187 JAN 10,2005 SIMPLESTEPS Judge: Listerine No Replacement For Floss
192 MAR 10,2005 YAHOO Additive May End Up in Toothpaste, Gum
193 MAR 15,2005 YAHOO Forget the Breath Mints, Eat Yogurt Instead
207 Oct 29,2005 HYGIENETOWN SquirtBrush – An Unique Interdental Brush
235 JUL 29,2006 DENT NEWS Electric Toothbrushes Provide Many Options for Consumers
253 APR 28,2007 HEALTHCENTRAL Despite Dentists’ Urging, Many Don’t Take Proper Care of Teeth
255 JUN 18,2007 REUTERS African twig brushes offer all-day dental care
264 AUG 06,2007 SCIENCE DAILY Cell Damage Caused By Brushing May Help Keep Gums Healthy
269 AUG 27,2007 HEALTHCENTRAL Scientists bringing bad breath out of the closet
274 OCT 02,2007 YEMEN OBSERVER Miswak beneficial for dental health, study finds
294 MAR 03,2008 AMED NEWS Tooth or consequences: The costs of poor dental fitness
297 MAR 19,2008 STATESMAN JOURNAL Taking care of dental problems early can save money in long run
307 JUL 10,2008 WEB MD Choosing a Toothbrush: The Pros and Cons of Electric and Disposable
313 SEP 11,2008 DAILY MAIL Help stave off heart attacks… keep your teeth clean
314 SEP 16,2008 SIMPLESTEPS “Toothbrush Tree” Bears Bacteria-Killing Branches
330 JAN 14,2009 MUMBAI MIRROR Take your breath away


001 FEB 16,1998 AD&C Dental problems can accentuate heart ailments
010 JUN 25,1999 DOCSGUIDE FDA Approves Ethyol To Reduce Dry Mouth
018 OCT 19,1999 INTELIHEALTH Dental Patients & Undiagnosed Medical Conditions
031 MAY 08,2000 E-DENTAL Prescriptions: Are You Dotting Your Ps?
035 JUN 12,2000 ABC Misuse, Overuse and Underuse of Antibiotics
036 JUN 16,2000 REUTERS Bad For The Mouth – Bad For The Body
041 JUL 05,2000 E-DENTAL Dentistry and Eating Disorders
044 SEP 13,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL Diabetics urged to improve dental hygiene practices
047 SEP 19,2000 YAHOO Bad Gums, Bad Heart Link Questioned
048 OCT 02,2000 E-DENTAL Calcium, vitamin D linked to prevention of tooth loss
055 DEC 19,2000 E-DENTAL Dental x-ray uncovers clogged artery
064 APR 10,2001 E-DENTAL Dentists safeguard more than teeth
071 JUN 11,2001 E-DENTAL Dry Mouth Syndrome Affects Dental Health
073 JUN 19,2001 PR NEWSWIRE Multivitamin Formulated to Promote Oral Health
079 JUL 25,2001 E-DENTAL Be Aware of the Mouth/Body Connection
082 AUG 20,2001 INTELIHEALTH Dental X-Rays Can Highlight Risk Of Stroke
134 DEC 14,2002 DENTALREACH Count your teeth to know risk of stroke
139 MAR 31,2003 IVANHOE Watch Your Mouth
147 MAY 15,2003 DENTALREACH Poor teeth damage lungs
152 JUN 23,2003 CNN HEALTH Heart disease diagnosed by dentist?
165 AUG 05,2003 NYT HEALTH Oral Hygiene May Help More Than Teeth and Gums
180 JUL 10,2004 MEDICAL NEWS Aspirin chewed for too long damages teeth
186 DEC 28,2004 SIMPLESTEPS Zinc May Help People With Taste Disorder
286 DEC 16, 2007 NEWS MEDICAL Link between obesity and bad breath
302 MAY 13, 2008 NYT HEALTH Dental Calamities That Can Truly Hurt
319 OCT 22, 2008 NEWSWISE Rheumatoid Arthritis Can Affect Your Pearly Whites
323 NOV 11, 2008 NEWSWISE The Tooth Whisperers
324 NOV 25, 2008 MEDICAL NEWS Stomach Ulcer Bug Causes Bad Breath
325 NOV 26, 2008 MEDICAL NEWS Disclosure Of Medication Can Save A Patient’s Life


012 JUL 16,1999 MSNBC Dentistry for a new millennium
016 OCT 08,1999 YAHOO Dental offices go virtual
042 JUL 16,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL Regenerated teeth may eat up denture market
051 OCT 23,2000 E-DENTAL Space:and dentistry will be there
068 MAY 22,2001 INTELIHEALTH Gene Therapy To Grow New Teeth
101 JAN 16,2002 E-DENTAL Significant Progress Made in Gene Therapy Research
103 FEB 01,2002 USA TODAY Dentists brush up on spa therapy to relax patients
110 APR 02,2002 INTELIHEALTH Scientists Discover First Gum Overgrowth Gene
118 JUN 28,2002 INTELIHEALTH Coming Soon: A “Telephone Tooth”
119 JUL 27,2002 DENTALREACH Genetically engineered bacteria fight tooth decay
120 AUG 02,2002 DENTALREACH Protecting Teeth With Bacteria That Bite Back
129 OCT 22,2002 DENTALREACH Dentists aiming to pamper more than just teeth
144 APR 22,2003 DISCOVERY Stem Cell Research Seeks Kids’ Teeth
149 JUN 11,2003 SIMPLESTEPS Tooth, Heal Thyself
161 JUL 22,2003 SIMPLESTEPS Tongue Recipient Said To Be Doing Well
195 APR 20,2005 NEW SCIENTIST ‘Robotic’ dental drill to be tested on humans
196 JUN 08,2005 NEWSWISE Banking Baby, Wisdom Teeth for Stem Cells
204 SEP 27,2005 SIMPLESTEPS Carbon Dating of Teeth Can Identify Age of Disaster Victims
219 MAR 10,2006 E-DENTAL Unique Breakthrough Gets Denture-Wearers Smiling
234 JUN 28,2006 CBC NEWS CANADA Dentist, engineer team up to regrow teeth
247 FEB 27,2007 BBC NEWS Tooth implant ‘to release drugs’
273 SEP 25,2007 MIZZOU ENGG Taking the bite out of dentistry
276 OCT 12,2007 TECH REVIEW A Cell Phone That Spots Bad Breath
293 FEB 27,2008 YAHOO HEALTH Blind Irishman sees with the aid of son’s tooth in his eye
299 APR 02,2008 WIRED NEWS Tooth Regeneration May Replace Drill-and-Fill
310 JUL 21,2008 TELEGRAPH Dentists’ drill and toothbrush under threat from new inventions


009 APR 16,1999 DOCSGUIDE Local Anesthetic Injections Getting Safer
015 SEP 13,1999 MSNBC Lasers promise less grief
028 MAR 20,2000 MSNBC The promise of pain-free dentistry
039 JUN 20,2000 CHICAGO TRIB Damaged teeth may have made lions hunt man
045 SEP 13,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL New dental anesthetic: better pain control
053 NOV 06,2000 DOCSGUIDE Etoricoxib, Relieves Acute Dental Pain
096 DEC 18,2001 INTELIHEALTH New Patch Takes The Pain Out Of Dental Injections
102 JAN 22,2002 INTELIHEALTH Root-Canal Less Painful Than People Expect
154 JUL 01,2003 TAUNTON G Latest advances assure pain free visits
182 JUL 28,2004 SIMPLESTEPS Ibuprofen May Not Be Enough For Root-Canal Pain
267 AUG 16,2007 EUREKALERT Whiplash may produce delayed jaw pain
315 SEP 30,2008 NBC WASHINGTON Identify TMJ Early in Kids to Prevent Pain Later


037 JUN 20,2000 E-DENTAL Smile of the Future – Genetic Research of Today
078 JUL 24,2001 HEALTHCENTRAL Dentists advise checkup before teeth whitener use
083 AUG 21,2001 E-DENTAL Do-it-yourself tooth bleaching kits may cause problems
109 APRIL 2002 DENTALREACH Cosmetic Dentistry is Booming!
132 NOV 21,2002 DENTALREACH Teeth Whitening: Sparkle After Quitting Smoking
157 JUL 08,2003 KANSAS CITY Before choosing whitening method, weigh pros/cons
191 MAR 07,2005 NEWSWEEK Million Dollar Smile
210 NOV 23,2005 LA TIMES Hip-hop artists are getting very mouthy about their bling
254 JUN 15,2007 MUMBAI MIRROR Say Cheese!
258 JUL 11,2007 NBC5 Are You A Bleach-A-Holic?
261 JUL 21,2007 LEADER POST That winning smile
281 NOV 26,2007 DAILY MAIL Smile! Scientists work out the secret to the perfect teeth
282 NOV 26,2007 MEDINDIA Scientists Reveal the Formula for a Perfect Smile
284 DEC 10,2007 EUREKALERT Patients, dentists differ on smile ratings, JADA study
289 JAN 10,2008 NPR Going Long in the Tooth for a Younger Smile
296 MAR 13,2008 DENTISTRY.CO.UK Making a mark with a tooth tattoo
298 APR 01,2008 MEDICAL NEWS Healthy Gums Are Something To Smile About


085 SEP 24,2001 E-DENTAL Orthodontics Aren’t Just for Children
151 JUN 17,2003 SIMPLESTEPS You’re Never Too Old For Braces
233 JUN 18,2006 DENT-NEWS Adult braces on the rise for medical, cosmetic reasons
243 JAN 14,2007 NEW YORK TIMES A Badge of Childhood, Now Worn by More Adults
308 JUN 11, 2008 SCIENCE DAILY Most Effective Dental Braces Are Least Attractive


024 JAN 05,2000 DETROIT Dentists run out of cavities to fill
050 OCT 17,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL Light beam identifies cavities
059 FEB 01,2001 IVANHOE Reverse Tooth Decay
067 MAY 22,2001 E-DENTAL Tea fights cavities, reduces plaque
076 JUL 10,2001 INTELIHEALTH Advance In Vaccine For Tooth Decay
088 OCT 02,2001 INTELIHEALTH Dry Mouth From Diabetes Can Cause Cavities
089 OCT 08,2001 SCIENCE DAILY No Link Between Soft Drinks And Cavities
117 JUN 28,2002 YAHOO ‘Good’ Bacteria Seen as Cavity Fighters
122 SEP 25,2002 DENTALREACH New Sugar Free Medicines Don’t Erode Teeth
175 FEB 24,2004 SIMPLESTEPS Five Billion People Worldwide Suffer From Tooth Decay
190 FEB 17,2005 USC Researchers’ Test Can Predict Cavities
197 JUN 12,2005 DENTAL BAZAAR Raisins fight oral bacteria
211 NOV 23,2005 FOX NEWS Cranberry juice curbs cavities, new research shows
215 JAN 10,2006 MEDINDIA Syrupy Medicines Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay
218 MAR 09,2006 SIMPLESTEPS Popular Drinks Eat Away at Tooth Enamel
226 MAY 04,2006 DAILY MAIL Roast veggies as bad for teeth as fizzy drinks
228 MAY 16, 2006 INTELIHEALTH Sports Drink Can Be Tough on Teeth
288 JAN 07,2008 SCIENCE DAILY Cavity-causing Bacteria May Be Made To Self-destruct
295 MAR 13,2008 MEDICAL NEWS Tooth Erosion Caused By Popular Energy Drinks
300 APR 07,2008 USA TODAY Tooth erosion grinds away at the young
301 APR 16,2008 SIMPLESTEPS Dental Sealants For Everyone
303 MAY 19,2008 DAILY MAIL Fruit smoothie boom could trigger tooth decay epidemic


002 OCT 02,1998 USA TODAY FDA okays gum disease pill
006 MAR 15,1999 IVANHOE Gum Disease Bacteria Lead To Even Bigger Problems
017 OCT 18,1999 IVANHOE Treating Gum Disease with Antibiotics
019 DEC 01,1999 INTELIHEALTH Gum Disease Linked To Enzyme Deficiency
030 APR 24,2000 E-DENTAL Periodontal Disease Related to Obesity
034 MAY 30,2000 YAHOO Study Links Smoking, Gum Disease
052 OCT 28,2000 DR.KOOP Gum Disease Raises Stroke Risk
058 JAN 30,2001 YAHOO Unhealthy Gums Linked to Worsening Lung Disease
065 APR 23,2001 E-DENTAL Chronic Perio Disease Could Lead to Diabetes
072 JUN 12,2001 E-DENTAL Genome of periodontal disease bacterium
087 SEP 28,2001 HEALTHCENTRAL Heart attack-related protein tied to gum disease
090 OCT 17,2001 INTELIHEALTH Gum Disease May Nourish Other Maladies
141 APR 11,2003 DENTALREACH New findings further tie to gum, heart disease
184 DEC 07,2004 SCIENCE DAILY Pathogens In Dental Plaque Implicated In Pneumonia
200 AUG 30,2005 ABC NEWS How to Combat Bad Breath
202 SEP 22,2005 MEDICAL NEWS Effect of vitamin D and calcium on periodontitis
209 NOV 08,2005 E-DENTAL Researchers Find Nine Risk Indicators For Tooth Loss
212 NOV 29,2005 SIMPLESTEPS Got Gum Trouble? Your Heart Might Be Next
214 DEC 25,2005 BBC NEWS Grapefruit ‘may cut gum disease’
220 MAR 10,2006 FORBES Red Wine May Ward Off Gum Disease
239 NOV 06,2006 MEDICAL NEWS Common Antacids Could Help Keep Gingivitis At Bay
244 JAN 16,2007 MEDPAGE TODAY Gum Disease and Tooth Loss Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk
249 MAR 07,2007 SIMPLESTEPS Arteries Healthier After Treatment for Periodontal Disease
262 JUL 31,2007 SIMPLESTEPS Periodontal Disease May Increase Risk for Early Death
287 DEC 29, 2007 KC INFOZINE Wrong Choice of Mouthwash Could Have Negative Side Effects
290 FEB 07,2008 MEDICAL NEWS Routine Intake Of Dairy Products Can Help Reduce Periodontal Disease
311 AUG 25,2008 MEDINDIA Gum Infections can Make Men Infertile
327 DEC 18,2008 MEDICAL NEWS Dieting May Cut Risk For Gum Disease, Mostly In Males


116 JUN 08,2002 DENTALREACH Chewing tobacco may be banned
121 AUG 17,2002 DENTALREACH Sweet but Deadly Addiction Is Seizing India’s Young
125 OCT 10,2002 DENTALREACH Dental Insurance from Pepsodent
137 JAN 15,2003 DENTALREACH Indian village offers magic cure for dental problems
170 NOV 11,2003 MUMBAI NEWS 80 pc of city kids need to go see a dentist
173 JAN 21,2004 DENTALREACH Gutkha eats into good health: Oral cancer up
174 FEB 24,2004 SIMPLESTEPS Tobacco Toothpaste? In India, It’s Still Common
177 MAR 05,2004 DENTALREACH Kids using tobacco-laced dental products: Study
205 OCT 20,2005 MEDINDIA Rural India shows apathy towards dental problems: Survey
213 DEC 19,2005 DENTAL-NEWS 64% children suffer from dental caries: survey
223 APR 08,2006 DNA Adding life to teeth
238 SEP 06,2006 MEDINDIA Striving to Make India Free from Tooth Decay
263 AUG 05,2007 NERVE NEWS Rescued bear undergoes dental surgery
328 DEC 26,2008 TIMES OF INDIA 90 per cent people suffer from some dental problem


004 JAN 14,1999 MSN Cigar smoking puts teeth at risk
021 DEC 16,1999 E-DENTAL Could Soda Pop Actually be Good for You?
056 DEC 22,2000 E-DENTAL Warn patients of the hazards of toothpicks
057 JAN 23,2001 HEALTHCENTRAL Teeth-grinders more likely to smoke, drink
074 JUN 26,2001 INTELIHEALTH If Mom Chews Gum, Children Have Healthier Mouths
114 MAY 30,2002 I-WIRE Need To Polish Up Dental Habits
156 JUL 07,2003 YAHOO Brushing Right After Drinking Soda May Harm Teeth
171 NOV 15,2003 DENTALREACH Soda Damages Teeth In Hidden Ways
172 NOV 17,2003 NBC4 HEALTH Dentists Warn Against Oral Piercing
208 NOV 07,2005 AAP Avoid The Hookah and Save Your Teeth
216 FEB 23,2006 WEB MD Smoking Makes Root Canals Likelier
260 JUL 14,2007 NJ.COM Meth abuse destroys the teeth
326 NOV 27,2008 MEDINDIA Tea and Teeth: How the Brew Works Dental Wonders!


003 NOV 09,1998 REUTERS Oral Lesions may be HIV Indicator
007 MAR 16,1999 DOCSGUIDE Why AIDS Can’t Be Transmitted Through Saliva
023 DEC 24,1999 YAHOO Mistletoe alert: more bacteria discovered in mouth
046 SEP 13,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL Kiss – And Have My Germs For A Long time
075 JUN 27,2001 E-DENTAL HIV Transmission Risk in Dental Offices Undetectable
091 NOV 07,2001 INTELIHEALTH Doctors Less Likely Than Dentists To Recognize HIV
148 JUN 10,2003 SIMPLESTEPS Dentures:Microwave Treatment Kills Bacteria
206 OCT 23,2005 SIMPLESTEPS HIV Quandary: To Tell Your Dentist or Not
252 MAR 28,2007 DENTALWORLD Tooth Extraction/Tooth Brushing Produce Bacteraemia of Endocarditis-Related Pathogens
283 NOV 28,2007 SCIENCE DAILY Developing A Bald Patch? It Could Be A Hidden Tooth Infection
285 DEC 11,2007 NEWS MEDICAL Mouthguards harbor large numbers of bacteria – can lead to disease


022 DEC 23,1999 YAHOO Periodontists say fear of procedures is overblown
069 MAY 25,2001 INTELIHEALTH Bad Breath: For Some A State Of Mind
107 MAR 18,2002 TIMES OF INDIA Stress may cause oral problems
113 APR 26,2002 YAHOO Anxiety Over Tooth Extraction May Stress Heart
128 OCT 15,2002 SIMPLESTEPS If Parent Fears Dentist, Children Might, Too
131 NOV 09,2002 YAHOO Healthy Teeth Linked to Better Quality of Life
136 DEC 23,2002 DENTALREACH Top Worst Excuses for Not Brushing/ Flossing
198 JUN 24,2005 HEALTH SCOUT Scared of the Dentist? You’re Not Alone
265 AUG 14,2007 ANXIETY CONN. Stress and Periodontal Disease: Questions and Answers
268 AUG 20, 2007 PSYCH CENTRAL Reduce Dental Anxiety
291 FEB 21,2008 DAILY MAIL Churchill’s key ally was his dentist
309 JUL 18,2008 MEDINDIA Depression Linked to Tooth Loss
318 OCT 22,2008 SIMPLESTEPS Tailored Health Messages More Likely To Lead To Change
320 OCT 23,2008 MID-DAY For a million-dollar smile, Keep away from stress


011 JUL 09,1999 INTELIHEALTH Women Have Special Dental Care Needs
063 APR 06,2001 INTELIHEALTH Closer Look At Jaw Pain Among Women
081 JUL 31,2001 INTELIHEALTH Pregnant Women Don’t Get Needed Dental Care
105 FEB 19,2002 INTELIHEALTH Dental Health Starts In The Womb
140 APR 08,2003 NMD A New Role Model: Women in Dentistry
143 APR 17,2003 DENTALREACH Menopause Can Sour Women’s Sense of Sweet Taste
166 OCT 30,2003 DESERT NEWS Clean teeth linked to healthy newborns
199 AUG 17,2005 SIMPLESTEPS Women With Eating Disorders More Nervous About Seeing A Dentist
231 JUN 13,2006 DENT NEWS Pregnancy Cravings Can Harm Your Oral Health
241 DEC 05,2006 MSNBC Can teeth cleaning affect delivery of your baby?
256 JUN 20,2007 MEDICAL NEWS Gum Disease In Postmenopausal Women Linked To Oral Bone Loss
304 MAY 29,2008 REUTERS For women, more children can mean fewer teeth
306 JUN 24,2008 SIMPLESTEPS Dental Treatment Safe For Pregnant Women
317 OCT 15,2008 MEDICAL NEWS Why Do Women Get More Cavities Than Men?


008 MAR 16,1999 DOCSGUIDE Dentists Role in Recognising Facial Skin Cancer
066 MAY 15,2001 INTELIHEALTH Mouthwash May Help Against Cancer
124 OCT 04,2002 DENTALREACH Why oral cancer is spreading
142 APR 15,2003 SIMPLESTEPS Honey Helps Patients Undergoing Head/Neck Radiation
217 MAR 09,2006 SIMPLESTEPS Spit Test Spots Oral Cancer
250 MAR 22,2007 FOX NEWS Cancer Screening … at the Dentist
305 JUN 24,2008 NEWS MEDICAL Dental Blue curing light for tumors
321 OCT 28,2008 SIMPLESTEPS Long Delays Are Not Unusual Before Oral Cancer Treatment
329 JAN 14,2009 SKY NEWS Mouthwash Can Boost Cancer Risk


043 JUL 20,2000 HEALTHCENTRAL When It Was Crazy To Show Your Teeth
099 JAN 08,2002 E-DENTAL Scientist tracks early man through teeth
168 NOV 05,2003 IOL Was oral hygiene the earliest human custom?
169 NOV 10,2003 DENTALREACH Did Early Humans Use Toothpicks?
201 SEP 20,2005 HEALTHDAY Teeth Yield Clues to Neanderthals’ Lives
222 APR 05,2006 TIMES OF INDIA Dentistry thrived in the Neolithic
224 APR 08,2006 BBC NEWS Stone age man used dentist drill
225 APR 08,2006 INT HERALD TRIBUNE Even in Stone Age, dread of the dentist
232 JUN 15,2006 DENT-NEWS 4,500-year-old dental work found
240 NOV 27,2006 SCIENCE DAILY Synchrotron Reveals How Neanderthal Teeth Grew


077 JUL 17,2001 PG NEWS Anti-tension device for teeth eases headaches
084 SEP 05,2001 ABC NEWS New Device May Reduce Migraine Frequency
153 JUN 30,2003 DENTALREACH Dental mouthpiece could stop headaches
155 JUL 01,2003 ABERDEEN N Aberdeen dentist helping migraine sufferers
163 AUG 04,2003 USA TODAY Taking a bite out of headache pain
183 AUG 09,2004 E-DENTAL NTI Dental Device Now Prescribed To On Every Continent
229 MAY 16,2006 MEDICAl NEWS Study Suggests Tension Headache May Actually Be TMJD
270 AUG 27,2007 MY SLEEP CENTRAL Grind, Grind, Grind Those Teeth
280 NOV 24,2007 TORONTO STAR Nothing funny about bruxism
316 OCT 06,2008 DAILY MAIL Is your jaw giving you a headache?


086 SEP 26,2001 INTELIHEALTH Oral Hygiene Affects Pain After Wisdom-Tooth Extractions
133 DEC 04,2002 DENTALREACH After age 25 wisdom teeth prone to disease problems
145 APR 28,2003 IVILLAGE Wisdom Teeth – Is It Wiser Not to Have Them?
178 MAR 09,2004 SIMPLESTEPS Many Wisdom Teeth Removed After Age 20
203 SEP 23,2005 YAHOO More than wisdom in those wisdom teeth
322 NOV 05,2008 SIMPLESTEPS Some Adults More Likely To Have Problems After Wisdom Tooth Removal


097 JAN 02,2002 INTELIHEALTH Elderly Bothered By Dry Mouth And Burning Mouth
146 MAY 15,2003 DENTALREACH Dentists warn over ageing teeth
242 DEC 19,2006 SIMPLESTEPS Today, Older People Keep More Teeth
251 MAR 24,2007 MSNBC Mouse taunts man, makes off with his dentures
271 AUG 31, 2007 MEDICAL NEWS Oral Health A Matter Of Life And Death For Seniors
275 OCT 10, 2007 NEWS MEDICAL Tooth loss may predict the development of dementia
278 OCT 24, 2007 SENIOR JOURNAL Dental Implants for Replacing Natural Teeth Attracting More Senior Citizens
312 AUG 26, 2008 SIMPLESTEPS Dentures Aren’t Stopping People From Eating Their Vegetables