Only FDA-Approved Migraine Prevention Device Goes Global


NTI Dental Device Now Prescribed To One Million People On Every Continent

8/9/2004  MISHAWAKA, Ind. – In 1999, Dr. Jim Boyd, a San Diego-based dentist and longtime migraine sufferer, wondered whether nighttime jaw clenching had been overlooked as the primary “trigger enhancer” of migraine headaches. When research bore out his theory, he designed a tiny one-inch custom-fitted night guard that snaps onto your two front teeth and prevents your back teeth from clenching during sleep.

Five short years later, Dr. Boyd and his patients have not only eliminated migraine pain from their lives, but the NTI device has become a fast-growing medical phenomenon, becoming the country’s first migraine prevention tool to earn FDA approval, and helping more than a million people on every continent of the globe.

Growing by an astounding 1200% over the past five years, the device has been prescribed and fitted by 15,000 dentists globally, and is expected to provide migraine prevention for close to a million new patients within the next year alone (thanks in great part to the device’s new availability in China).

Twenty-three million Americans suffer from severe migraine pain with the associated loss of productivity estimated at $17.2 billion yearly. Eighty-two percent of migraine and headache sufferers who use the NTI device experience an average 77% reduction of migraine pain attacks within two months. The device is easily fit at the dentist’s office (a discreet daytime version is also available), involves no surgery, and has no risk of side effects compared to pharmaceutical migraine treatments.

In addition, the NTI device can be used on people who have a history of heart attacks, strokes or heart disease. It can also be used by pregnant women as well as people who suffer from diabetes — all of whom can’t take most major approved migraine drugs.

About NTI
NTI-TSS, Inc. is the manufacturer of the NTI device, with corporate headquarters in Mishawaka, Indiana. Founded by San Diego area dentist and long time migraine sufferer Dr. James Boyd, the NTI device has helped more than a million people prevent debilitating migraine and tension headache pain. For more information or a list of dentists worldwide who carry the device, please visit

Source: NTI-TSS, Inc.

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